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Tina toner skin

Glutalight face cream 50gr ,

Glutalight face cream 50gr ,

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GLUTALIGHT: our newest most effective face lightening cream you can ever use. Make skin brighter and fairer
The addition of rare and active substances can effectively enhance the vitality of cells and promote the formation of collagen. Meanwhile,its various moistening and replenishing components can penetrate into the skin and make skin elastic and restore vitality.
Help Repair,Promote skin metabolism, restore healthy skin from outside to inside

prevent ,skin cells caused by the UV oxidation reaction.

Anti-Acne/spot treatment , Can reduce or eliminate inflammation , make the deposition of sebum invitro. To improve the color of skin.

Ingredients: Glutathione,Collagen, Hyaluronic acid ,Kojicacid,VitamineB3,SheaButter,AloeVeraGel, Thickener Cellular ,Emulsifier, PreservativeFragrance (Parfum),Sepiwhite.
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