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Tina toner skin

7 DAY FACE CREAM / Antiacne Toner set

7 DAY FACE CREAM / Antiacne Toner set

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7 DAY FACE CREAM  and TONER SET , combined with a blend of natural plant and herb extracts. delivers extreme whitening, moisturizes, softens, and evens out skin tone in less than 7 days of used It has a regenerative capacity to repair early signs of aging. It restores suppleness and revitalizes facial skin. this product can take your skin to his highest, most purest and brightest treashold with continious use. Toner magic face is very safe and suitable for all skin types.

This product should be sufficient for a duration of 1 months on average.


Wash face with soap preferably cleanser follow with Toner Apply little amount of magic Face Cream 2x daily on the face using your clean fingertips. Massage face in a circular motion until the product is absorbed, applying the cream on the forehead, and the skin around the eyes, nose face and neck area .

Use 2x daily for faster results. then reduced to night only, or 3 times weekly when maintaining skin tone

2 0Z/ 60ML

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