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Tina toner skin



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Our Tina toner Body Magic is an advance whitening body cream, made directly from ingredient used to make face magic cream, combined with other blend of natural plant, oils, and vitamins . in order to delivers ext ream brightening, whitening and flawless white tone. This cream moisturizes, softens, and evens out skin tone in less than 7 day of used It has a regenerative capacity to repair early signs of ageing. It restores suppleness and revitalizes skin.Body magic product has the ability to take your skin to his highest, most purest and brightest treas hold with continuous used. Toner body is very safe and suitable for all skin types. and can be used with our face magic cream.

ingredient MSH, grape seed oil, mango butter, carrot, vitamins , kojic, b3 hyaluronic acid, arbutin glycerin, green pepper, snail, mucin palm oil

This product should be sufficient for a duration of 1 to 2 months
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